Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Battle Update

Another quick update on the Battle of the Beadsmith.  Here's who's competing with who in Round 1.

1) Jacquie Champion-Canada vs Irina Chikineva-Russia

2) Anastasia O'sarantseva-Ireland vs Annie Hatvani-Hungary

3) Lea Palickova-Czech Republic vs Alla Maslennikova -Russia

4) Christina Neit-USA vs Christine Boyer Maj-USA

5) Hannah Rosner-USA vs Kassie Inman-USA

6) Olga Haserodt-Germany vs Melissa Ingram-Australia

7) Ulyana Rakcheyeva Seryankina-USA vs Joanne Browne-Australia

8) Mouna Marini-France vs Nancy Dale-USA

9) Nella Moskvichjova-Russia vs Linda Roberts-USA

10) Denise Kangas-Czech Republic vs Ibolya Ingesne Barkoczi-Hungary

11) Heather Kingsley Heath-United Kingdom vs Katherine Gezey-Ukraine

12) Alla Vizir-Ukraine vs Sandra Dokter van Esveld-Netherlands

13) Olga Shumilova-Russia vs Patrick Duggan-Australia

14) Ella Des-Belgrade Serbia vs Neva Brown-Australia

15) Christian Rodriguez-USA vs Marta Koudelova-Czech republic

16) Ann Braginsky-Israel vs Edgar Lopez Disenos-Dominican Republic

17) Susan Brackett-USA vs Callie Mitchell-USA

18) Jill Thomas-United Kingdom vs Maryanne Villalba-Australia

19) Tammuna Lezhava-Georgia vs Kinga Nichols-USA

20) Iva Jar-Czech Republic vs Olga Petterson-Sweden

21) Guzialia Reed-Japan vs Katka Vaclavikova-Czech Republic

22) Marsha Wiest Hines-USA vs Eva Dobos-Hungary

23) Orsolya Fuzesi-Hungary vs Cynthia Newcomer Daniel-USA

24) Betty Stephan-USA vs Elka Leonhardt Rath-Germany

25) Eva Csizmadiz Lajosne-Hungary vs Mikki Ferrugiaro-USA

26) Jennifer Chasalow Van Benschoten-USA vs Ekaterina Kalinina-Russia

27 Sharayah Sheldon-USA vs Miriam Cielo Shimon-Israel

28) Sue Horine-USA vs Misan Tejre-Sweden

29) Anneta Valious-France vs Lynn Day-United Kingdom

30) Alexandra Sydorenko -USA vs Katalin Budaine Nagy-Hungary

31) Rosita Pisarchick-USA vs Helena Tang-Singapore

I am doomed to losing the first round, but being a trooper, I am putting on my battle gear and will fight to the death. lol

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battle of the Beadsmith Update

Since returning from Bead & Button in Milwaukee and from visiting my family in South Dakota, I've been working on my Battle of the Beadsmith (BOTB) piece.  I thought I'd share some sneak preview pictures to show my progress.

Here's a close up of some of my focal beads:

Oh, gee, is it blurry?  Sorry about that. 

Ha Ha!  You do know that I can't show you anything before the big reveal of all the entries, right?!   Stay tuned for future progress pictures.  ;D

Pieces from 80 bead artists from around the world will be sent to The Beadsmith (sponsor of this big event) on or before July 10.  Many have finished their pieces, but I'm still working on mine.

If you would like to meet the artists and see some extraordinary examples of their beadwork, click here.  The actual contest entries will not be shown until after July 10.

Friday, June 1, 2012

How a Customer Used one of my Dichroic Glass Cabs

Just a quick post to show off how a customer used one of my dichroic glass cabs to create a custom ordered necklace.  The creator is Joan Fine of JFine Design on Etsy.

I love how she picks up the flashes of color in the dichroic glass cab with the Swarovski crystals around the chain.

Special thanks to Joan for allowing me to use her picture.