Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elegant Elements Clasps - Part II

Meeting Steven Weiss from The Beadsmith has been one of the most memorable and fun events in my life.  He organized a wonderful group of beaders to receive two of the Elegant Elements Clasps which The Beadsmith distributes to beading stores throughout the world.  What was created with the clasps was totally up to each beader.  The creations are beginning to be collected in a wonderful album on facebook which you can view HERE

I previously blogged about the freeform bracelet (Enticement) I created with one of the gold plated Elegant Elements clasps, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about the second one.  Here is a picture of the beautiful clasp.  It is rhodium plated with Swarovski crystals - pure bling!

And here are some pictures of the necklace I created.  I used the beautiful clasp as the focal.  The beaded beads were created with crystal, silver and black seed beads using Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW).  I call it Destiny, a very fitting name I believe!

Because it has such special meaning to me, this one will not be for sale.

There are more exciting creations being added to the facebook album by some incredible beaders, so don't forget to check back often.  And if you are interested in the Elegant Elements clasps, you can contact The Beadsmith to find a store near you that carries them.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Around the Next Corner

You just never know what lies around the next corner. 

One day you send in some pictures to a Beadsmith Kumihimo challenge on Facebook and the next day you are speaking on the phone to Steven who is a sales rep for Beadsmith.  Never in a million years would I have expected to find that around a "Kumihimo corner."  What a pleasant surprise it was!

Not only did I meet an interesting person in the beading industry, but I was given the opportunity to receive two gorgeous Elegant Elements clasps!  My first introduction to these clasps was from one of my German beading friends a few years ago who said they were Helby clasps. I have lusted after them ever since.  

Steven sent me a link to a pdf file containing their beautiful clasps.  The first clasp I chose is a slender 5 strand gold clasp that I planned to use on a freeform bracelet.

Before the clasp arrived, I had almost completed the freeform bracelet.  Since the clasp was 30mm long, I created a bracelet to fit that size and I think the simple but elegant clasp suits it perfectly.

I used 24k gold and silver plated Delicas, seed beads and fire polished beads, bronze colored beads, and miscellaneous accent beads in those same colors.

I call my bracelet "Enticement" and it will soon be for sale in my Etsy shop.

The 2nd clasp I chose is a dazzling 2 strand silver and crystal clasp which I plan to use on a necklace.  It's a beautiful clasp and I hope I will do it justice with my beadwork.

I am very thankful to Beadsmith for this opportunity to work with their beautiful clasps.  Click this link to visit their website and find out more about the products they offer.  Their products can be found in a local beadstore near you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calling all Kumihimo Lovers

Beadsmith is sponsoring an event on facebook titled "Beadsmith is looking for the best Kumihimo braiders in the land..."

They are looking for photos to be sent to them at displaying your best Kumihimo work in either of two categories:

     Beaded Kumihimo (braid must be at least 50% beads)
     "Naked" Kumihimo (braid must feature a large focal bead)

You can read more about the great opportunity and the prizes offered by going to the event page on facebook.

I shared 4 of my Kumihimo necklaces with them.  This first necklace features a  cabochon by Artisan Clay.

This necklace features a porcelain sliding pendant by Amazing Porcelain Fantasies.

This necklace was created around a stoneware cabochon by Lisa Peters Art.

This necklace features a polymer clay focal bead and clasp by Mikki Ferrugiaro.

I created these necklaces on a Marudai, but they can be created on a Kumihimo disk as well.  You can purchase Beadsmith's Kumihimo products at most local bead shops.  There is also a link on the facebook event page to get more information about where Beadsmith products can be purchased.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners!

The drawing for my Thank You Celebration was held last night.  My husband drew three names out of his lucky fishing hat.  And the winners are ....

The first name drawn was Kristen.  She has a wonderful blog called "My Bead Journey" where you will be inspired, highly entertained and learn about many fantastic beading artists.  Kristen won the book 'The Art of Bead Embroidery' by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini along with one of my more wild and crazy dichroic glass cabs.

I stole this picture from her facebook page - so cute!  She calls it Owl's Knot.

The 2nd winner was Therese who won two of my dichroic glass cabs.  She has a lovely blog called Therese's Treasures.  She also has a facebook page called by the same name.  This is her facebook profile picture and I love it!

The 3rd winner was Beatrix (from Germany) who can be found on facebook here.  I could not find any pictures from her so I hope she will share something with the dichroic glass cab I will be sending her.

Once again, thank you to all who entered my giveaway and have supported my creative adventures.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giveaway Prizes

Here are pictures of the drawing prizes I'm giving away to celebrate all my fans on my Facebook BeadsForever business page.  If you haven't already entered, take a moment to enter now.  Just "like" my facebook page (if you haven't already) and leave a comment on my blog under either of the two posts about my giveaway and you are entered.  It's that easy.  My husband will be drawing three names out of the hat on Friday, October 21 at 6pm PST.  There will be three names drawn and three prizes given away.  Be sure there is a way to contact you if you are the winner.

If you want to have a 2nd chance, share this blogpost on facebook and for a 3rd chance, share it on twitter.  Be sure to let me know where you shared it so I put your name into the hat for each share.

OK, so ready for the prizes?  The first name drawn will win one of my larger, more wild and crazy cabs as well as a fabulous book on bead embroidery 'The Art of Bead Embroidery' by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.  You can view a picture of the book on Amazon here.

The 2nd name drawn will win these two dichroic glass cabochons - both are hot out of my kiln.

The 3rd name drawn will win this dichroic glass cabochon.

Good luck to everyone.  Most of all, THANK YOU to all my fans for your support and affirmation!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Super Duper 1000 Fans Celebration!

I'm celebrating and I hope you will join me.  My BeadsForever business page on facebook is very close to having 1000 Fans.  As of this writing I only need 3 more "LIKES" and then the bells and whistles are going off!

If you are one of my "fans" and have "liked" my facebook page, and you'd like to participate in my celebration giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blogpost (or on the wall of my Facebook BeadsForever business page under this posting).

If you'd like to have your name entered more than once, share my blogpost on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a comment telling me about it.

Your name will be entered into a hat (up to 3 times depending on how may ways you participate) and the giveaway drawing will be held on Friday, October 21 at 6 pm PST.  My husband will be the person who pulls the names out of the hat.  Winners will be announced on Facebook and sent personal notifications - so be sure to leave a way to contact you in your comments.

There will be three names drawn and three prizes given away.  The first name drawn will win a large dichroic glass cabochon made by me, plus a fabulous book, 'The Art of Bead Embroidery' written by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.  (I happen to have two copies, so it is only fair that I share such glorious information with someone else!)

The 2nd name drawn will win 2 medium sized dichroic glass cabochons made by me.  The 3rd name drawn will win 1 medium sized dichroic glass cabochon made by me.

Unfortunately, the cabochons are currently firing in the kiln and I won't have pictures of them until tomorrow or the next day.  So stay tuned for the pics!  If you'd like to see some of the previous cabochons I've made, you can view them either on facebook, or on Flickr.

I'm full of gratitude to everyone who has supported me in my passion.  I hope you will share my happiness by participating in my celebration.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot! July Bead Journal Project

OK!  I'm way behind!  I know it is already October and I've just finished my Bead Journal Project for July.  There were several reasons for the delay.

The main reason for my taking so long is that I wanted to make a dichroic glass cab that represented the sun.  Seemed like a good idea, but it actually took me over a month.  I'll spare you the gorey details.

After making a "sun" that I thought I could use, I could not figure out how to place it on the backing so I could bead around it.  I ended up breaking off some of the rays and refiring the piece, so that I could place it in the upper left hand corner.  That helped!

Once that was done, it was not difficult to figure out a beading design.  I wanted to show how HOT the month of July was and using all the "hot" colors was a no brainer.  These colors are not my favorite colors - as I'm a "cool color gal" by nature.  But once I gave myself permission to get wild and crazy it finally took shape.

So here is my July Bead Journal Project.   Not my favorite, but it does represent the very hot weather we experienced here in the high desert of Southern California.

You can view the work of other members of the Bead Journal Project by going to these links:

You won't be disappointed by all the creativity!  Happy Beading Everyone!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally! I made Etsy's Front Page!

I was very delighted to find out last night that my Going Green bracelet had made the front page of Etsy.  This was a FIRST for me and I had almost given up hope it would ever happen.  Many thanks to LaBellaJoya for her beautiful treasury!

I searched for green by LaBellaJoya - this is what she said:

"in my list of favorite shops. (Did you know you could do that?) I came up with these beauties while simultaneously realizing that my favorite shops are embarrasingly skewed towards jewelry...enjoy!"

Last Strand---AAAA-...
Forest Floor Sterli...
Sukan / Turquoise-G...
Dress, Plaid, Forma...
Genia - street bag ...
Arrowhead Pendant
Small Molded Leathe...
Going Green Bracele...
Forest Green Silk ...
Medium DSLR camera ...
Steam Punk Metal Ro...
ACEO Art - Harmony ...
Ruffled Ring - Gree...
Jamn Silk Greens Th...
The Lady of Shalott...
Chrysoprase Dangle ...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ArtFire Beadweavers Guild Summer Fun Challenge

Each month the ArtFire Beadweaver's Guild has a beading challenge.  This month it was called "Summer Fun." For my entry I created a bracelet called Summer Memories.  The colors of the dichroic glass square reminded me of the beach - a relaxing vacation, wading through the waves, sand in my toes, a cool breeze on my face, and finding treasures.

It was a bit tricky figuring out how to constuct the bracelet so that the open space in the square focal was covered and didn't show bare skin.  (Don't want any sunburns!)  For fun, I added a small starfish under the antique glass button closure.

To vote for your favorite entry, please visit the ArtFire Beadweaver's Guild Blog.  Hope you all had a Fun Summer!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bead Journal Project - June Gloom - NOT!

June is the month often known for it's gloomy weather and therefore has gotten the name "June Gloom."  But that was not the case for us here this year.  We did get rain, but we also got glorious sunshine.  The combination of rain and sunshine gave us an early growing season.  The plants really did thrive.

So to reflect the month of June for my Bead Journal Project I chose one of my dichroic glass cabs that I had called River Scene.  The rippling surface of the cabochon reminded me of a painter's rendition of the scene at a river - rushing waters and lush vegetation.  I surrounded the cab with beads and fringe in an effort to keep the rippling effect going.   If it weren't for mosquitoes, I think it would be a great place to have a picnic.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bead Journal Project - May 2011 - May Gray (with a little bling!)

I don't know what happened, but time got away from me.  Here it is the end of June and I just finished my May Bead Journal Project.   I know one of the reasons I got a late start was because I didn't have any gray dichroic glass (do they even make any?) and I was determined to use the May Gray theme. So I pondered and procrastinated and then I took a vacation and went to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee (more about that in another post). It was just a short flight from Milwaukee to South Dakota where my family lives, so I continued my vacation with them for another 10 days. By the time I got back home and resettled into beading, June was almost gone too!

I call this piece "May Gray" because out here in California, the month of May is often full of gray days.   The large dichroic piece has a grayish bluish purplish hue.  I surrounded it with some size 8 Ceylon grey/lilac beads and then added the matte cylinder beads in an outward array.  The layers all use muted colors from gray to pale yellow (with some shiny beads interspersed), hoping to represent the changes throughout the month of May.  I added the dichroic glass hands of a clock in the 5 o'clock position to represent the 5th month.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Can't Stop Making Them!

My latest bead addiction is making Statement Rings.   I owe this new addition to a wonderful beading artist and friend, Sabine Lippert of Try to Be.  She started making rings a few months ago and is now determined to make 365 rings - one for each day of the year.  You can see all the rings she has made on her blog.  Each ring is unique and simply wonderful!

My granddaughter and daughter saw one of Sabine's rings posted on facebook and my granddaughter said, "I would so rock that ring!"  But no amount of arm twisting or persuading would get Sabine to sell any of her rings.  There was only one solution to that problem - make my own ring and hope that my granddaughter will "rock it" as much as Sabine's.

My first ring was an experiment to see how things would go so I decided to make it for myself - a more subdued ring - not too wild and crazy.

I used one of my own dichroic glass beads (a cabochon with a hole in the middle) which I call my DichroCentrics line.  I've had them around for quite a while and even though I love them, I just wasn't sure how to use them.  Until now, that is!

I made my second ring for my daughter (sort of working up courage to make one for my granddaughter).  They wanted some big "funky" rings and so my journey into "funkiness" began.  I called my daughter's ring Peace, Hope and Love based on the dangles.  I chose those specific dangles because they mean something special to her.  The dove represents peace (and her husband calls her his little dove).  The wing represents hope as in Isaiah 40:31 "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint."  She calls her husband her Eagle.  The heart represents love.  So it is a special ring with a statement - thus the name "Statement Rings."

Before I could start on my granddaughter's ring, I had to order some special dangles.  While I was waiting, I practiced on another ring and came up with this Ladybug Halloween ring.  It reminds me of a spider - EEK!  This one is for sale in my Etsy shop.

I have now completed the ring for my granddaughter and I'm calling it "Life's a Hoot!"  You'll see why when you see the main dangle.  I sure hope she likes it.

Yes, I am an addict and proud of it!  Happy Beading Everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bead & Button Show 2011

I'm getting ready to go to the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  If you haven't been to this show, you are missing out on the largest bead show in the world!   From June 4 to June 12, I will be in bead heaven - greeting old beading friends and meeting new ones, attending classes to learn new techniques, and of course - shopping for beads!  And another special reason for going is I get to see my grandson who lives, works and goes to school in Milwaukee.

The Bead and Finished Jewelry Marketplace opens to the public June 10 - 12th, 2011. Admission is $10.  There are hundreds of vendors!!  You can view a list of all the Bead Exhibitors here. For the first time ever, one of my beading friends from Bulgaria will be attending as a bead exhibitor.

Vladislav and Kremena Ivanov are the owners of Golem Design Studio.  They create high quality artisan handmade stoneware beads, pendants, and cabochons with a folk art look utilizing detailed glazing techniques.  You can view their work on their website and find out more about them on their facebook page.

Golem Design Studio is sharing booth 111 with Marsha Hedrick who is a porcelain artist.  You can find out more about Marsha on her website and on her facebook page (Amazing Porcelain Fantasies).  Here is one example of a new line of cabochons Marsha has created.

This year I will be taking three classes.  My first class is "Wire Finishing Techniques" taught by Adrienne Gaskell.  My second class is "Paper Clip Bead Looming" taught by Judy Walker.  My third class is "Kumihimo Sparks" sponsored by Swarovski Elements and taught by Jamie North.  I always look forward to the classes and learning new techniques and skills.

Only a few more days to wait!  Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 29, 2011

What's Old is New Again! - Artbeads Blogging Project

I think turning old jewelry into new jewelry is a wonderful thing but I had not taken the time to try it myself.  The Artbeads blogging theme this month - "What's Old is New Again!" - was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

First I went down memory lane, hauling out boxes and containers of old jewelry from various nooks and crannies.  I've received most of my "saving to recycle stash" from my mother, my grandmother and my sister.  I had great fun getting reaquainted with all my oldies but goodies, but nothing seemed to fit with the beads I had selected from Artbeads.  That is until I opened up a small bag containing a broken metal linked necklace that had belonged to my mother.  Since Mom is 98 years young and I don't remember her wearing it in the past 30-40 years, I'm assuming it's at least 30 years old.   Nothing of great value - it may be gold plated, but then again it might not.  It doesn't matter to me - I think it goes perfectly with my Artbeads selections and I will treasure it always.

I was attracted to the "retro" looking puffed porcelain "I Spy" pendant and beads in black, gold, silver and white which are found in the Steampunk category on Artbeads.

The Swarovski faceted roundelles in Jet and Black Diamond AB were a perfect match to the porcelain beads and I wish I would have gotten more of the 3.2 bright gold filled roundels.  They were wonderful accents for the crystals.

Everything went together very smoothly and the only mishaps were my fingernails since I was opening and closing jump rings and manipulating metal wire.

The necklace is just a tad over 20" (51.5cm) and won't be going to any new home.  This one will be living here with me.

I'm so happy with my new necklace and give thanks to Artbeads for their active participation in inspiring jewelry artists to create new designs.  I do not receive any compensation from Artbeads for being their blogging partner.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bead Journal Project - April Showers Bring Spring Flowers

OK, not a very original title for my April Bead Journal Project, but it just seems so right for this month.  I was able to use three of my "DichroCentric" dichroic glass beads and turn them into Spring flowers.  When I was almost 3/4 of the way finished, I did think of another idea for this month's project that excited me a little bit more than this one, but I was so close to being finished.  I'll just save that idea for another rainy day!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bead Journal Project for March 2011

I had high hopes when I chose my dichroic glass cab to use for the March Bead Journal Project.  It was green and it was quirky.  I was sure I was going to make a Pathway to Spring and show it coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb.  Now that I've finished it, it looks more like some wild cosmic galaxy swirling in outer space.  Therefore I have named it "I Have No Clue How This Relates to March!"  Whatever --- it is finished on time this month! 

It was a bear to photograph.  The dazzle of the size 15 gold plated rocailles in the green pathway have no "dazzle."  But at least I got a different comment from my husband this month, "That's pretty wild!"  Not sure if that is an improvement over "that's different" or not. :}  Hmmmmm - maybe I could call it 'March Madness.'

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