Friday, April 29, 2011

What's Old is New Again! - Artbeads Blogging Project

I think turning old jewelry into new jewelry is a wonderful thing but I had not taken the time to try it myself.  The Artbeads blogging theme this month - "What's Old is New Again!" - was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

First I went down memory lane, hauling out boxes and containers of old jewelry from various nooks and crannies.  I've received most of my "saving to recycle stash" from my mother, my grandmother and my sister.  I had great fun getting reaquainted with all my oldies but goodies, but nothing seemed to fit with the beads I had selected from Artbeads.  That is until I opened up a small bag containing a broken metal linked necklace that had belonged to my mother.  Since Mom is 98 years young and I don't remember her wearing it in the past 30-40 years, I'm assuming it's at least 30 years old.   Nothing of great value - it may be gold plated, but then again it might not.  It doesn't matter to me - I think it goes perfectly with my Artbeads selections and I will treasure it always.

I was attracted to the "retro" looking puffed porcelain "I Spy" pendant and beads in black, gold, silver and white which are found in the Steampunk category on Artbeads.

The Swarovski faceted roundelles in Jet and Black Diamond AB were a perfect match to the porcelain beads and I wish I would have gotten more of the 3.2 bright gold filled roundels.  They were wonderful accents for the crystals.

Everything went together very smoothly and the only mishaps were my fingernails since I was opening and closing jump rings and manipulating metal wire.

The necklace is just a tad over 20" (51.5cm) and won't be going to any new home.  This one will be living here with me.

I'm so happy with my new necklace and give thanks to Artbeads for their active participation in inspiring jewelry artists to create new designs.  I do not receive any compensation from Artbeads for being their blogging partner.


  1. That looks really awesome! The ceramic beads really are perfect with the lengths of chain :)

  2. Just wonderful!! I really loved your post, and I adore how you reused your pieces for this. Have you shown your mom?? I bet she will LOVE what you did!!

  3. That is gorgeous!! Congratulations! I would love to see a photo of your Mom's necklace prior to the re-do!

  4. Oh WOWWE! I love what you did and I would sooooo keep it too! What a statement!

  5. oh, how gorgeous!!!! I'm a HUGE chain maille fan, and I just love the beads you dug up! How wonderful!!!!!

  6. Linda, the beads are awesome, and that chain mail is outstanding. Lovely work!

  7. Linda, this necklace is beautifully balanced in shape, color and length. Love it!
    Eva Maria


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