Friday, November 11, 2011

Around the Next Corner

You just never know what lies around the next corner. 

One day you send in some pictures to a Beadsmith Kumihimo challenge on Facebook and the next day you are speaking on the phone to Steven who is a sales rep for Beadsmith.  Never in a million years would I have expected to find that around a "Kumihimo corner."  What a pleasant surprise it was!

Not only did I meet an interesting person in the beading industry, but I was given the opportunity to receive two gorgeous Elegant Elements clasps!  My first introduction to these clasps was from one of my German beading friends a few years ago who said they were Helby clasps. I have lusted after them ever since.  

Steven sent me a link to a pdf file containing their beautiful clasps.  The first clasp I chose is a slender 5 strand gold clasp that I planned to use on a freeform bracelet.

Before the clasp arrived, I had almost completed the freeform bracelet.  Since the clasp was 30mm long, I created a bracelet to fit that size and I think the simple but elegant clasp suits it perfectly.

I used 24k gold and silver plated Delicas, seed beads and fire polished beads, bronze colored beads, and miscellaneous accent beads in those same colors.

I call my bracelet "Enticement" and it will soon be for sale in my Etsy shop.

The 2nd clasp I chose is a dazzling 2 strand silver and crystal clasp which I plan to use on a necklace.  It's a beautiful clasp and I hope I will do it justice with my beadwork.

I am very thankful to Beadsmith for this opportunity to work with their beautiful clasps.  Click this link to visit their website and find out more about the products they offer.  Their products can be found in a local beadstore near you.


  1. Applause! I love that you have received this type of recognition for your gorgeous work, Linda! :) And that freeform cuff and its clasp are both just gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Oh Linda, how wonderful! You totally did that clasp justice. I am just in awe of your creative talent. Big high five!!!

  3. Congratulations Linda, what an honor to have your talents recognized. Enticement is a beautiful bracelet and the clasp is gorgeous accent.
    Looking forward to seeing the necklace that you design to go with the beautiful clasp.

  4. Congrats Linda! Well Deserved! Your Works are Stunning and you're so Talented. That Bracelet Tickles me so Much: my Colors and I ADORE the Design! ♥ =D) Mx

  5. Oh Linda this was awesome for you and the clasp highlights your beadwork perfectly! I love that freeform bracelet! You are a true inspiration!


  6. How awesome to get this opportunity! The clasps are beautiful. I love your freeform piece. Beautiful shape and colors. I look forward to seeing what you do with the other clasp.

  7. Perfect name! Just gorgeous - I am enticed and enthralled with your design!


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