Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calling all Kumihimo Lovers

Beadsmith is sponsoring an event on facebook titled "Beadsmith is looking for the best Kumihimo braiders in the land..."

They are looking for photos to be sent to them at displaying your best Kumihimo work in either of two categories:

     Beaded Kumihimo (braid must be at least 50% beads)
     "Naked" Kumihimo (braid must feature a large focal bead)

You can read more about the great opportunity and the prizes offered by going to the event page on facebook.

I shared 4 of my Kumihimo necklaces with them.  This first necklace features a  cabochon by Artisan Clay.

This necklace features a porcelain sliding pendant by Amazing Porcelain Fantasies.

This necklace was created around a stoneware cabochon by Lisa Peters Art.

This necklace features a polymer clay focal bead and clasp by Mikki Ferrugiaro.

I created these necklaces on a Marudai, but they can be created on a Kumihimo disk as well.  You can purchase Beadsmith's Kumihimo products at most local bead shops.  There is also a link on the facebook event page to get more information about where Beadsmith products can be purchased.


  1. I have yet to try Kumihimo, but your necklaces are certainly inspiration for it. It's funny how the one with the Lisa Peters piece reminds me of the cubic right angle weave that Nancy Dale has recently introduced so many of us to. Is that a result of the beads you chose, or the pattern of the cords? let me know if they have a voting process, and I'll be right there in line! :)

  2. You know what I have had a disc for ever but I am totally terrified to use it! I may just have to give it a go after seeing all of these treasures!

  3. Wow, your Kumihimo braids are fantastic, I love the second one so much. And those pendents are amazing. I'm very addicted to Kumihimo right now, it's so much fun. Good luck.

  4. All of your pieces are gorgeous! I especially love what you've done with Kristie and Lisa's components. Good luck!

  5. I really appreciate all your nice comments! The pattern on all the necklaces is created by the weave of the beads used - known as the round braid with 8 strands. The public won't be voting on the entries to the Beadsmith challenge, but thank you anyway! I hope you will all try Kumihimo as it is very rewarding and quick!


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