Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Journey to Beads

All my life I have enjoyed creating. As a young girl I learned to sew with needle and thread and to crochet with my grandmother. I enjoyed artwork and crafts. But I never realized how much it meant to me until a few years ago. I worked several years as an elementary grade school teacher and then got into computers and accounting. I spent my whole life working at jobs I didn't really enjoy. I discovered beads in my 50's.

It all started with my love of discovering pretty rocks. Whenever I would visit a new place, my head would be looking down at the ground hoping to spot something pretty. My growing rock collection soon led me to joining a rock and gem club. I learned how to identify my rocks, but I also learned much more. I learned that rocks I had collected could be cut, polished and formed into shapes that could be used in jewelry. Well that opened up a whole new world! Making cabachons, wirewrapping and silver work were soon new skills I was learning.

Then came the Gem and Mineral shows. While attending all the shows, I made a new discovery - beads. I began stringing beads to make my own jewelry. I learned how to crimp and about all the different findings that could be used in making jewelry. I became hooked.

I think I came full circle when I discovered that I could use a needle and thread with beads and with my pretty rocks. I learned that there were many different beadweaving stitches that could be used to combine all the things I love into jewelry. The creative possibilities were endless!

But I'm not done. I also discovered Polymer Clay and Precious Metal Clay. These two mediums allow for even more creativity in combining them with beadweaving. And what about making my own beads out of them? And what about learning lampworking? Those handmade glass beads are gorgeous!

So that's my journey to beads in a nutshell. I'm pretty sure the journey will not be over for a long, long time, God willing. I thank Him for giving me this desire to create.

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  1. Yes, the love of beads just grows and grows. And, we do need to thank Him for all that he has allowed us to learn and use.


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