Thursday, August 20, 2009

600 Hearts on Etsy! (But Who's Counting?)

I received my 600th heart on Etsy today from Blessed Republic, and Etsy shop that sells handmade bags, belts and scarves. Here's a picture of a laptop tote from her shop.

Thanks for the 600th heart, Blessed Republic!


  1. Of course, we're counting :) Hearts are just one of the ways we can receive validation for our efforts, Linda! You deserve every one of those wonderful hearts, dear lady :D Congratulations!

  2. I love your intricate designs. Amazing, how you reached 600 hearts. Very inspiring. Thanks so much for including me in your blog.

  3. We are counting, Linda! ;)
    Even if hearts do not translate to sales, they are still a sort of a token of appreciation.
    May there be more to come!


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