Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 BOTB Round 1 Winners Announced

The first round of the Battle of the Beadsmith is finished.  Congratulations to the 40 winners.  Four "battles" were decided by 1 vote.  Twelve battles were decided by 10-15 votes.  You can view the entries HERE.  This is the list of those who are going on to Round 2.  In Round 2 they will be paired by random drawing and the voting will commence again.  Only 20 will go on to round 3.
Battle 1 Irina Chikineva

Battle 2 Annie Hatvani

Battle 3 Alla Maslennikova

Battle 4 Christine Boyer Maj

Battle 5 Hannah Rosner

Battle 6 Melissa Ingram

Battle 7 Ulyana R. Seryankina

Battle 8 Nancy Dale

Battle 9 Linda Roberts

Battle 10 Ibolya Ingesne Barkoczi

Battle 11 Heather K. Heath

Battle 12 Sandra Dokter van Esveld

Battle 13 Olga Shumilova

Battle 14 Ella Des

Battle 15 Christian Rodriguez

Battle 16 Ann Braginsky

Battle 17 Callie Mitchell

Battle 18 Maryanne Villialba

Battle 19 Kinga Nichols

Battle 20 Olga Petterson

Battle 21 Guzialia Reed

Battle 22 Marsha Wiest Hines

Battle 23 Cynthia N. Daniel

Battle 24 Betty Stephan

Battle 25 Mikki Ferrugiaro

Battle 26 Ekaterina Kalinina

Battle 27 Miriam C. Shimon

Battle 28 Sue Horine

Battle 29 Anneta Valious

Battle 30 Katalin B. Nagy

Battle 31 Helena Tang

Battle 32 Laurence Dethier

Battle 33 Eliana Maniero

Battle 34 Amy Katz

Battle 35 Kathy King

Battle 36 Julia Turova

Battle 37 Lauren Macregor

Battle 38 Terri Richards

Battle 39 Sigifredo Contreras

Battle 40 Noel Wyres
Those who did not get voted through to Round 2 should be given a huge round of applause.  There were so many amazing pieces that did not make it through simply because of who they were paired against.  Everyone who competed is a winner!

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