Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of My Favorites

I just finished one of my favorite necklaces. Mind you, that is saying a lot because while I may like the necklaces I make, I usually do not think anything I make looks good on my neck so I never wear them. But this one does and I'm tempted to keep it for myself.

I've had this abalone shell in my stash for a long long time and kept pulling it out to ponder its significance. My original plan was to put it on a bracelet/cuff which I actually made. Of course when I was 90% done with it, I ran out of one color of seed beads and had to put it aside until I could order more. Several months later....

I finally got around to finishing the cuff and had completed the beaded bezel around the shell. But when I went to attach the shell to the bracelet, it just didn't look like I wanted, so off it came and I pondered some more. There was a hole in the top of the shell and I thought about what to do with that - cover it up or use it as part of the pendant? I opted for the pendant and created some fringe to fill the hole and hang down the front.

Having decided on a necklace, I made some beaded beads in matching colors but ended up setting those aside. Then I tried several different spiral stitches and ended up using one of my favorites. I used 3 black seed beads (to start the center of the spiral) to a spiral grouping of 2 rocailles, 1 silver delica, and 2 more rocaille seed beads. After finishing the length of the spiral I wanted, I wove the thread back through all the silver beads drawing them into a tighter spiral and it was just the look I wanted.

I did list the necklace on Etsy here, but in a way I'm almost hoping it doesn't sell. lol


  1. Beautiful necklace - that is is one awesome shell!!

  2. That abalone shell has wonderful colors. It's a gorgeous piece. I'm sure it will sell quickly so decide fast if you want to keep it.

  3. The cuff looks gorgeous by itself. No need to embellish it if you don't want to.

    Love your necklace though. That chain really sets it off. I would have never thought of using an abalone shell for a pendant like you did. It is really lovely.

  4. It is very elegant! Love the pendant :)


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