Monday, February 2, 2009

Latvian Bead Artists

I wanted to introduce everyone to another blog that is showcasing Latvian beadweavers. It is very inspiring to read their stories and see their beadwork.

Go to or click here and enjoy!

Isn't it wonderful that we have such a connection with people from all over the world through beads? I am so thankful for the skills my mother and grandmother taught me (sewing and crochet). I'm so thankful to be able to use my hands and eyes for the detailed work when weaving those tiny rocailles together in the hopes it will result in something beautiful.

And I'm so thankful for beaders around the world who share the same passion and feel the same therapeutic results. It's so inspiring.


  1. I am answering about Bead Creator Pro - I only have it because they gave it away free - it is kind of hard to learn and use. I also have this one Bead tool - you can try it out for free to see if you like it and see how it works - I think I like this one a bit better. I only have the tryout version but I like it.

  2. Hi BeadsForever, first, thanks for writing this blog, it's very enjoyable. And second, wow...the Latvian beadwork is wonderful. I'm so glad you linked to it!

    at Rings & Things

  3. This is a wonderful post about some wonderful artist. I love their work it is so intricate and oh so beautiful. Thank you for letting the world know about this blog of wonderful bead artitst.

  4. Even the ocean cannot stop us from having similar passion in our lives :) Great job, Latvian artists! And thank you Linda for promoting those!

    Proud Latvian overseas ;)


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