Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ollie OOP Treasury on Etsy

I learned something new today. I've been trying to find the easiest way to capture a screen shot of the Etsy Treasuries so that when I'm included in one I can save it for posterity. I read about this on an Etsy forum and thought I'd try it. After I get the page up on my screen, I hit F11 (this gets rid of the firefox or internet explorer headings, etc.) Then I center the picture on the screen the way I want to capture it. I hit "Control and PrtScrn" together (this captures the image on the screen) and then F11 again to return the screen back to "normal." Then I open Adobe Photoshop and "Paste" the picture. Now I can crop and resize as needed. (I'm still learning what size is best to use - today I made it too small, I think.)

I was included in the Ollie OOP treasury created by Noahs Ark Collection on Etsy. If you hurry, you can click here and see it on Etsy. It's only open til Friday, Feb 13th and then will disappear forever.

I know it's too small to read, but mine is the colorful one at the bottom in the middle. I called it Kaleidoscope.

Please say thank you to Noah's Ark by visiting her shop here. This is one of my favorites in the shop:

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  1. Oh I love your coral bracelet! So pretty. Thanks for the heads up on how to capture a picture. I didn't know how to do that!


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