Friday, May 14, 2010

Can You Guess What These Are? Plus A Little Giveaway

Here are three pictures of items I just received in the mail.  Let's see how good you are at guessing what they are.   Whoever attempts to guess what all three items are and what purpose they are for (even if they are wrong) will have their name put into a hat for a drawing to win a dichroic glass cabochon of their choice from my Etsy shop.

Just post your answers here on my blog and be sure to let me know how to contact you.  The guessing will end Monday, May 17, at midnight.  The winner of the drawing plus the correct answers will be announced on Tuesday, May 18.

I haven't decided yet what I'm going to make with these interesting pieces, but I have a pretty good idea.  You'll have to check back to see what develops and find out the answers.  Good Luck!


  1. Hmmmmm, let's see here....
    #1 are segments of 'murano' flower glass rods which you intend to use like 'frit' on your fused glass pieces?
    #2 looks like mesh you'd use on a cooling rack, to rest your hot glass on.
    #3 soldering wire? Whatcha gonna do with THAT??? ;D

  2. Could they be Christmas hard candy?
    Suzanne Cooper

  3. Susanne, they look yummy, but these would not melt in your mouth - sorry! LOL

  4. Julie, one out of three ain't bad!

  5. Remember, there are three pictures to guess on. :)

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  7. millefiori glass or beads
    copper roofing mesh
    silver or aluminum wire

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  9. Mary, I removed the duplicate postings. Thanks!

  10. Well, I'm guessing for sure!

    1. glass canes to use in your beads
    2. mesh to use in your beads
    3. sterling silver wire to haha use in your beads!

    Whatever you do with them, I'm sure it will be awesome, as usual!

  11. Karen, I cannot imagine where you came up with those wild ideas! lol

  12. Hmmm I am guessing

    1. Millefiori
    2. Copper Mesh (which can be used in glass fusing or lampwork)
    2. Sterling silver wire

    I could come up with something a little more exciting but that will do for now!


  13. Karyn, I'm guessing you work with glass!? :)

  14. 1. Millefiori beads

    2. Copper wire mesh

    3. Gold wire.

  15. Are you finally sparkin' up that old torch?

    Millefiore, copper mesh and fine silver wire.

  16. I haven't read any other answers

    copper mesh
    fine silver wire

    fuse it all together! Or get a torch and make beads ;o)

  17. Well, I don't do fire
    #1 sure looks like christmas candy, but its probably some kind of glass that you use to make beads

    #2 Looks like copper mesh, I need some for the bottom of a bird feeder I am making, but I would guess you are somehow going to use it to make lampwork beads

    #3 looks like sterling wire so you're probably going to use it to make a pendant out of the beads you are making with the other two.

    We'll be watching .....

  18. 1. Millefiori
    2. Copper Mesh
    3. Fine Silver

  19. 1 looks like a pile of broken pieces of millefiori canes. Their irregularity makes it impossible to think of a use for them.
    2 copper mesh might be used in a steampunk piece.
    3 silver wire might be used for wire work.

  20. And the winner is: DLGray-Wurz. I'll be contacting you today!


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