Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making Gifts for My Family

One of the things I love best about being an artist is making gifts for members of my family.  I never did like shopping for gifts for people.  But I do like planning and creating handcrafted gifts as they are truly from my heart.

I recently made two necklaces - one for my Mother for Mother's Day with beading around a petrified palm root cabochon ...

(even though brown is not her favorite color, I chose it so she would have an excuse to go out and buy a new outfit to match)

... and another for my sister, Sherry, who loves turquoise - a belated birthday gift.

The necklace for my sister was made by beading around one of my dichroic glass cabochons.  The beaded chain on both necklaces was made using the herringbone stitch.  I love using that stitch.

I often daydream that my gifts will one day be heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation.   Well, one can dream, can't they?


  1. I love how you created the pendants. Do you have any instructions on how you actually attached the pendant part, to the bail part. Great job. Jennifer
    email -

  2. Thanks Jen. I don't have any written instructions but I'll e-mail you with some simple directions.

  3. very elegant,very beautiful.

  4. petrified palm tree root? i've never seen that before and it is SO beautiful! i love both of these, and i'm sure they will be treasured gifts.


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