Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Mother - 96 years young!

I thought I should post a picture of my now famous mother on her 96th birthday. Her name is Thelma and she lives in South Dakota. She was born in Gonzales, TX. She raised 4 children - two girls and two boys and was an elementary school teacher most of her life.

I couldn't find a picture of her wearing the now famous necklace (lol) - see previous post!


  1. Tell her to take special care of her famous, published necklace. She's lucky to have a daughter that is so talented.

  2. Fantastic! Now where in SD does she live? Fancy famous piece her daughter created for her!

  3. Mom has lived in the Black Hills of SD (Spearfish) for over 60 years. :)

  4. 96....Wow....she's looking so good!


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