Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Remember the Buttons?

I previously blogged about some Czech glass buttons I had purchased from CrazyCakes on Etsy and how I planned on using them in some of my beadwoven jewelry. Remember these?

I finally finished my first piece. I called it "Inspiration" because I was so inspired by the button. Just looking at those buttons and holding them in my hand causes my heart to beat faster and my mind to begin dreaming!

Since "Inspiration" began life as a button and I wanted to transform it into a pendant, I had to deal with the metal button shank on the back. I weighed the pros and cons and finally decided to cut off the shank and file down the metal ends. It worked fine, but I still wasn't happy with the look, so I thought I should cover it somehow.

I began by using peyote stitch to create a bezel around the 1 1/2" button. I used Japanese size 11 seed beads reducing to size 15 rocailles to accomplish this. After I had finished the bezel, the idea came to create a circular peyote triangle to fit inside the bezel circle on the back. I used the same size 11 seed beads as in the bezel and voila! I attached the triangle to the bezel with some Czech fire polished 3mm glass faceted beads.

Next I had to create the bail. I used odd count peyote and the same beads I had used in the bail and the triangle and created a simple round bail to fit over the rope chain.

I created the rope using spiral herringbone and the tiniest of tiny size 15 rocaille seed beads in three different colors that matched the bezel and bail. To finish it off, I created a peyote stitched toggle clasp.

I'm pleased with the results and I hope this button brings inspiration to you as well.

Don't forget to visit CrazyCake's Etsy shop to see more of these amazing Czech glass buttons. And stay tuned for more inspiration!


  1. This turned out beautiful! And I like your perspective...being insane can be helpful :P

  2. Wow...those are fantastic! I am a big vintage Czech glass fan and you did a wonderful job with these buttons!

  3. I'll say it one more time - I love this! These buttons are just too much fun to work with. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest.

  4. wow, those buttons are beautiful and i love that piece you created!

  5. pretty beads..
    we love your work Linda
    niba & the girls

  6. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece! Very creative use of the button!

  7. What beautiful art work! Bead & Button magazine makes sense ;)

  8. These are stunning..her buttons are beautiful and you made them even better.

  9. Those are some pretty cool buttons!
    Wonder what are you going to use them for :)

  10. lovely. these button are inspirational.


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