Monday, July 20, 2009

Captured Treasury on Etsy

Wonder of wonders! This is Treasury Jackpot Day! I received another convo that my Golden Elegance bracelet was included in this beautiful treasury.

This treasury was created by Dorothy Domingo who also has a shop on Etsy. Here are two of my favorites from her shop. The first is called Ocher Freeform Disc Bracelet and the second is Berry Disc bracelet. I think they are both wonderful!

Please visit Dorothy's shop and give her some love. Thanks, Dorothy!


  1. Both of those bracelets are truly beautiful AND unusual. They certainly deserve to be in a treasury!

  2. Love those bracelets, and love yours! Honey plus golden colors on the bracelet look awesome!

  3. those bracelets are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! v. original, I love them!


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