Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Etsy Trade

A few posts ago, I talked about making my first dichroic glass cabochons and using one to make a bead woven necklace which a fellow Facebook friend (FFF) wanted. I agreed to a trade and got not only a necklace and cuff for my daughter (see pictures in previous post) but a fabulous leather cuff for myself.

Jennifer of Tocadora Leather on Etsy, didn't just make one cuff. No, she lovingly made two cuffs and told me I could have my pick. This was quite a bit of work on her part, as I am allergic to nickel. She lined both cuffs to cover the exposed metal parts. I also have a small wrist, so she made both cuffs on the small side to fit me.

I honestly couldn't decide on just one cuff, so I got one in trade and bought the other one. Here I am wearing them - one on each wrist.

The buttons are from LisaPetersArt on Etsy. The button on the left is a Ceramic button and the one on the right is a Raku button. There are some beautiful and unique beads and buttons in this Etsy shop, so check it out.


  1. Beautiful cuffs! I can see why you had to have both!

  2. These are so beautiful, is the necklace Jennifer received from you :D

  3. What an awesome idea for nickle allergic wearers and unique designs too! Nothing beats handmade in my books.

    Thanks for the comment and for letting your friends know about the new giveaway program on my blog! Pearl


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