Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Venture - Glass Fusion

I took a dichroic glass fusion class from Fusion Glass Company in San Diego last month. It was so much FUN! Using a variety of 90 COE dichroic glass and total freedom to be creative, we built our "potential" pendants. Here's an example of the pieces I chose for my 1st pendant. The black square will be the base.

I used this grinder/polisher to shape the glass.
I rounded down the corners so it wouldn't be
quite so square.

The pieces are all shaped and stacked on top of each other in the pattern and design I chose.

For my second pendant I chose a vibrant orange colored base, some wild glass for the middle and a clear glass top - and again I rounded the corners.

Both pendants are currently in my Sierra kiln. I'm praying that I was able to program it correctly so that it will do all the things it's supposed to do at all the right temperatures.

I'll know in about 6 hours. The suspense is intense (at least for me)!

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product. Hopefully I will have some beautiful pendants to show you.

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  1. I was told that I will need to wait until morning to see my new pieces - to give them time to cool down slowly. It will be Christmas tomorrow morning!


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